Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Remember those Guys and Gals who go in harms way. Know they would rather be Home at this time but they do their duty. It makes the Homecoming all the better. Blessings on Them and theirs.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Russian F1

No, it's not a race. Russians are good at making Ordy or stuff that goes bang. One of the things they used ta make was the F1 Frag Grenade. These things used to come in a crate packed in sawdust. The Fuses came in a spam can packed with the grenade bodies. Interesting factoid I learned from a Guy named Larry Dring (Nother Time) was two fuses out of every can was a zero time fuse for booby traps. Now when I was in Bosnia we used to do a thing called Harvest. It involved going out into the population and knocking on doors and asking the folks if they had any blow up type stuff they wanted to turn in. Lottsa these showed up along with rifle grenades, mines, Mauser's, and the odd MG42 or Thompson. I never got any bang sticks but lottsa personal Mayhem stuff. The F1 was a fav. The local Home defense council would show up with the local version of a Deuce and a half and kick out crates of ammo, weapons, mines and these. The Yugo's were like the Russians in that they never threw away any weapons. It was a very esoteric mix of stuff. Anyway, Knocking on doors was like a wicked version of The Price is Right. You never knew what you would find. The best was a house where the guy had nine (9) At Mines stacked up out in the garage. We called the local Cops, Evacuated the block and got EOD in for that.
The F1 is a simple piece of kit in which you can spin the Fuse out and separate it quite easily. We put a metal foot locker in the back of the Humvee filled with sand. The grenade bodies would go in the foot locker. I would carry the fuses in a .50 cal ammo can and drop them off at the EOD pit on the way back in to Camp. For some reason the FOB rats got nervous when we brought fun stuff back like this. Can't imagine why, We handled more live ordinance in 7 months then I had in 12 years leading up to this. The military stuff was pretty easy to deal with, the homemade stuff was way more fun.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movement as a tactic

An Old retired Bull told me he carries three guns as a result of his decreasing mobility. His adage was the best gunfight he was in was the one he wasn't there for. Unfortunately as age creeps up on him, his ambulation has suffered. Ergo his options have declined as well. I imagine a person in a wheelchair really has no options except to fight. If they could strap a directional mine or a couple of bouncing betty's to their chair , I'd imagine they would.

Certainly as you take away the option of retreat or flight, the consequences you face become more dire. Location, timing, weather, health and who is with you all enter into the equation. I used to strap on when I dated this one girl who definitely was not a gunny. She asked me why I always carried a weapon. I told her I didn't always but I always carried when I was with her. I got a raised eyebrow with that. I told her if I was by myself I could always run like hell. With her present the flight option was removed. She kinda got that.

Remember, You don't have to outrun the bear, You just have to outrun the slowest one there.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't Quit

Attended a Tactical School back when HK still did their own courses. John Meyers was the lead instructor and Gene and Chris were assisting. We were doing entries and I was tossing flashbangs like they were firecrackers. All guns were Simunitions and a no brass, no knives policy was in effect. HK taught move to the threat, Not Button Hook, Crossover or any fancy bullshit. Too many individuals attending on their own hook or as an individual . If you were a team John would break you up to take you out of your comfort zone. Not a bad thought as today's Active Shooter Theory is a pick up game of whoever gets there first. Anyway, We roll in and the two shooters open up on us. I was number two through the door and got nailed in the butt. The shooter was shooting from the end of the the hallway and caught me as I went past. Number three got drilled as he turned into the hallway and went down. John calls a cease fire/Endex and is asking Number three if he was all right. John Explained later he thought a live round had gotten into play and the guy was really hit. The guy replied he went down 'cause he was hit. John Told him in a loud and direct fashion you don't ever quit. Even when you are hit, You Don't Quit. Food for thought. As for me, I didn't even know he'd hit me until someone pointed it out. That happens in real life as well.

Now Go Shoot.

Shoot to Cover

We shot Quals last week. Did the M4 and the M11 (SIG 228). We had extra ammo for the range and the NCO Marko added a transition drill to it. Intriguing I thought so I left it in. Watched it run and made some notes relative to it. First one was they downloaded both M11 and M4 mags. I'm gonna change that one and make the the M11 mags full up and no dummies. Here's why, this was the first time most of these guys had ever done transition drills and frankly we really need to practice more. Second and I keyed on this, the guys would stop when they ran the weapon dry. Didn't matter if it was the pistol or rifle, the guys would stop to make the mag change.

I teach three different mag changes. Emergency, Tactical and Admin. First one is what it is. You go dry and it is a right now moment. The second is I'm getting low and need to top off. The last is I'm driving out the gate and am going hot. The only one not done from behind cover is the Emergency drill and you MOVE. Get off the dime, Move laterally, Just don't frikkin' stand there. The IDPA, IPSC and three gun guys have this going on and set up their rigs accordingly. The Big Green Machine Not so much, Frankly we suck at this. We're getting better but it takes some boots on the ground experience to change the Fobbit Mindset some senior leadership has. The guys who get shot at on a regular basis are getting real good at this and the rest of us are catching up.

Anyway back to my point. You are moving forward to another fire position, as you do you shoot your primary dry. You then transition to your secondary weapon. When you transition to your secondary weapon, Move to cover. I repeat "Move to cover". Continue to engage the threat and get your ass in gear. This reduces your exposure to hostile fire and gets to you a place where you can get your primary bang stick going again. Probably 4 of every five shooters stopped when they ran the secondary dry. Fairly good transition from primary to secondary but when we ran the pistol out, most shooters stopped to reload. Consequences of training. Next Qual, We are going to do just pistol with movement. Crawl, walk, run. We'll work in the rifle later.

Now go shoot.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Earl resembles his TV persona. He wasn't a bad guy. Just had a Significant other that took a walk on the wild side and didn't take him along. She wasn't much of a catch but Earl Thought he loved her and she did him wrong. She and a girlfriend went out one night and left Earl with the kids. When she didn't come home, Earl collected up the Family Deer Rifle and went in search of his beloved. He tracked her down to a non-descript motel which catered to the Trucking industry just north of the state line. It did a brisk business on the weekends with the Mr/Miss Right Crowd or at least the Right Now. Now Earl showed at least a bit of decorum as he didn't just go busting down doors for the beloved. Probably would have interrupted more then one temporary relationships but we digress. He just went to the night clerk and asked if his beloved or her girlfriend were registered and what room. He knew she was there as the family sedan was parked outside. The clerk was behind glass and was probably happy for it, dunno if it would have slowed down what Earl was carrying but it would have bought him some time. He couldn't/didn't confirm her location and dropped a call to 911 as soon as Earl walked out the door. We came scampering down the interstate and faced off with Earl in the parking lot. It was dark when we got there but daybreak was just starting to crack as we went along. Earl was weeping and sobbing in the parking lot but still had the Deer Rifle. We had a bit of a pickle as Earl wouldn't give up the rifle and I wouldn't let him see his beloved until he did. I had tracked her down with her temporary partner and hustled them out the back. I couldn't get them out of there as Earl had eyes on the only way out.

Now I've been to the Basic Hostage Negotiation course but it wasn't something I did very often as I fobbed it off on one of the Crime guys as they were always better at the warm fuzzy stuff. Me, I was the Break things and Kill stuff guy. But one of the things they absolutely pound in you is ya never let the guy with the gun see the old lady or let the family member get involved in the negotiation process as you have no idea what the hell they will say. An I have been to too many Murder-Suicides to even let him get a bead on her. So there was the impasse. Finally Earl agreed to put down the rifle if he could talk to her. OK, Small steps. I talk to her and tell her "Do not promise him anything, Do not say it will be OK. Just say We will see" Earl put down the rifle, My guys cuff him up and get him in the back of the car. She came out and faced up with him. When He started to get cranked up. I told him Conversation's over. Earl went into confinement for that one. I didn't really like his beloved but he must have. Hell of a thing to put your trust and soul in someone who stomps all over your feelings. Sorry, Earl. It was just the job. Glad I didn't have to kill ya.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Did ya ever get that feeling?

Had a dream,,Hal and I were working the truck out of Central in Delta. Lovely town, top ten for homicide that year. We pulled into the street, started to get out the truck and started taking fire. I hit the deck and look under the truck. Hal's sitting on the ground with blood on his chest. Then I wake up.

A couple of nights later, I'm working with Hal. We got a run into a part of town that doesn't normally have bad vibes. We pulled into the street, street lights are out and the whole area is dark. I killed the lights and pulled over. Gave Hal the thumb nail sketch and he catches the whole dark rhythm thing. Took the tactical ninja approach, contact the address and it's a lady waiting with her bags for a ride to the hospital.

OK, so it wasn't the train wreck I thought it was gonna be. However listen to your Spider Sense, it could keep you from becoming a tag team partner to the participants in the original Melee'. I'm just sayin'.

Let's... be Careful out there.

Negative vibs

Hold that thought. Hafta get to class.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

November 2, 2010

Go Vote. For God and Harry, go Vote. If for nothing else, there are folks who have never been given the chance or a choice, go Vote.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"I shall wear Midnight"

Terry has old Man's Disease, Alzheimer's. He dictated this as he can't type legibly anymore. I weep in fury at the encapsulation of his intellect. He will eventually be trapped in his body and unable to express himself. I can think of no worse fate. Enjoy. For I fear we will not have him for much longer.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ok, Women can put their make up on, drive with their knees and carry on a conversation driving the Cross Bronx Expressway. And she is a FBI agent. Names are withheld to protect the innocent and the statue of Limitations hasn't expired. I'm in the right seat and I'm not supposed to drive as it's a Bureau Car. That's a load of bullocks but Ok it's your G ride.

Guys aren't supposed to be able to do all this. We focus on the task at hand and get it done. Lately that rule seems to be getting fuzzy. what with Black berry's, Electronic umbilical cords and the what not. I can at least work with this but when you break out the laptop and start texting, me and you are gonna talk.

I was running the interstate one day. We teach a trick called overtaking. You won't find it in the text book. F0lks running above the posted tend to look in their front 60 Degree arc. They don't look in the rearview mirror. I've caught some of my best speeds this way coming off a on ramp and dropping behind somebody going like the Hammers of Hell. Do that in a Construction zone and it gets expensive real fast. But they are focused at least, just not to the rear six position. Also important is to do it is a subtle way. Not crashing up the passing lane but just edging out, passing and then getting back into the middle or right lane. We run with headlights on but with the advent of Daylight running lights this doesn't reveal us as much as in the past.

Doing the drive by one day, I glance over and here is one of our Orthodox brethern doing his Friday thing with the scarf and beany at 70 miles per hour. I thought to myself, I did not just see that. To be sure, I drop back, light him up and get him over at the Twin Bridges. The book was on the passanger's seat but he still had his beany and scarf on. Asked for his papers and cleared him, Told him God would understand but I tend to be a little less forgiving. " Be on your way, Son and don't let me catch you doing that again. Next time I gonna write you."

Blessings on all here.

Friday, August 27, 2010

End of journey

Ok, 2500 Miles. 900 bucks of fuel, Two gallons of 15-40 and two gallons of Antifreeze. Lottsa fun. Just don't ask me to do it again any time soon. I haven't been this saddlesore since the basic mounted course at the academy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Road Trip

Be off the net for a bit. Heading out to CA to pick up a truck. I'll be in Charleston, SC the end of the month. If I get picked up, hopefully they'll give me my phone call. Anybody willing to spring for bail?

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Barry was my very first warrant arrest. No big, it was a summary traffic he decided to ignore and I as the new guy got stuck with it. Barry had a twin who managed to stay below the radar but from what I gathered was just as bad a Barry when it came to doing stupid stuff. Barry's Dad was a contractor and a mean drunk. He used come home and thump everyone when he had a few at the Moose. Barry's Mom was a semi-attractive woman who drove a bus for the School District. She paid the Warrant for Barry. Don't think she ever go the money back on that one. Barry was a Chip off the old block and took after Dad when it came to tuning up his significant other of the moment. I didn't have dealing with Barry too much after that as he lived in town. Danny was a Crime guy from headquarters and had Barry as a suspect in an Assault. He called me and asked me to meet him in town. When Danny pulled up, he had a witness from the assault in the car with him. Told me we were looking for Barry and did I know him. You Bet! Let's Go. Go to Barry's Pad and convince the Pit bull tied up at the bottom of the steps to go back inside his doghouse. go up and knock on the door with no response. I was all for booting the door but Danny said not to. When we had pulled up Danny had gone past the address and turned around and went nose to nose with my car. I was facing towards the river and Danny was facing up the hill. Just as we came around from the back of the house Barry drove past in an old Chevy sedan. He sees us coming and he jets. I get the Le mans start and haul up into the street. Barry's got a good head start on me but his car is a POS. He leads me on a merry chase up the river into the next town. Bails out of his car and takes off down an ally. Block and a half later he stops turns around and says "OK, I give up." Oh HELL NO. I just chased you seven miles and now you want to quit? As some are wont to say I was just warming to the party. Danny got turned around and headed up the river. He found us by the simple fact we were the only two cars sitting in the middle of the street, Mine with the lights and siren still going. That's a clue. I've been told. Just as Danny Pulls up, Barry comes sailin' over the hood of the State Car. Danny Looks out of the corner of his eye at the Witness in the passenger seat and all she said "I don't see nothin".

I do a special guest appearance back there as a Patrol Super seven years later. Barry is still being a Jerk. Ronnie had him for another domestic and he was giving Ronnie a hard time. I am on the way but haven't got there yet. Ronnie just told Barry to cool his jets as the corporal was on his way and wanted to talk to him. Barry Said "Yeah, Who's that?" "Big Daddie" Ronnie says "and he wants to talk to you." " Christ, he's back" Barry Said. I get there and Barry is "Yes Sir, No Sir". Guess he learned something all those years ago. He's still an asshole.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Open Carry

Throwing in my opin.

Here in PA it is LEGAL to Open Carry (OC). Don't mean its a good idea, just that it is legal to do so. Now just about everybody has weighed in on this. I don't have a whole lot to add but consider this. I was in Uniform for 22 years with State Cops. I wore a weapon everyday. I ALSO had it in a level three holster and had intermediate weapons at my disposal and a radio to ramp up the call if needed. Joe Citizen does not wear body armor, use a retention holster and carry a communications device and have access to back up 24/7. They are lucky if they keep their heads up and the threat radar on half the time.

Guys look. I am all for universal carry. I rather have you on my side then the other side. But I will say this. You never telegraph a punch, Give away an advantage or let the bad guy know who/what you are until you decide. To do so negates all of the benefits of carrying. Think about it. Now go shoot.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dos Gringos

Couple of Fighter Jocks who think they can sing. Not bad actually. If you are a pilot, you'll understand. If not, listen anyway. They're a hoot.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Back about 20 years ago, I was a medic in a coastal southern town. Hot as a bastard in the summer and chilly in the winter but the spring and fall were pretty good. Made about 700 bucks after taxes every two weeks and paid my bills and had a little left over. I was part of a great organization and it spoiled me as to some of the less then stellar outfits whom I have had to deal with in the ensuing years. We rolled down there. County had a EMS division as part of County Police, Catholic Hospital purchased a EMS outfit when Trauma Central bought out two organizations to start their EMS Division. I was part of Trauma Central. Worked with Rick and Hal, both of whom did the Flight Medic thing on their off shifts. Both Very good and tried pass that on to the rock breaker (Me). I worked with a very eclectic bunch of folks. Pretty good bunch but each with own way of doing things.
Worked with one of the brothers, one was a Nascar kinda guy and the other was a bit too cerebral but still a very good medic. I was working with Premed that shift and we got a call down into the Gardens. Bit of a rough place but not as bad as some in the downtown area. Delta was a pretty town on the surface but was in the top ten in the country for homicide. Trauma Central is/was a Level One Center and was profiled on one of the Reality shows here not too long ago. It was good for a reason, 4 Trauma Alerts going on simultaneously tends to bring out the best. Luke's Mom had bailed on a bad abusive relationship. She was staying in the Gardens with some friends until she got things sorted out. She didn't have much but she had Luke. Luke had the Croup and he wasn't sounding good. Mom called 911 and we picked up the call. Me and Premed walked in the door and I could hear the stridor walking in. Luke wouldn't tolerate a nasal so I got him on a simple mask. We didn't do field nebulizors at the time. Luke weighed all of twenty pounds. I scooped him up holding the mask, Mom had a lock on my arm that left fingerprints. Premed Carried the O2 cyl out to the truck. I held him on the short ride to the hospital and carried him through ER right in to Med/Obs. Handed him over and told Mom the ER Folks would take care of him. Got back out on the road. Came in about hour or two later. Luke was bouncing all over the ER. Ain't Epi grand? Ran into Mom month or two after that. She gotten a job at the hospital. Asked how Luke was doing. I don't remember names of the folks I took care of. Luke was the only one I ever remember by name. Twenty years ago.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mcdonald Vs Chicago

Judge Scalia is my Hero. I write with a blunt crayon. He scripts with a lazer scapel. I am not worthy. Glad he is on our side.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Kings Men

Seems the local Vicar has remembered part of the requirements of the Parish and that is to provide Men at Arms to the King. Well done to the Vicar. The Most Reverend Mary Edwards, no relation to the King. ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


When you call the Gendarmerie to your palatial abode to complain about your latest cohabitant, It would behoove you to tell the responding trooper the main complaint up front. He/I don't really give a hoot about what the last 6 months have been all about, He/I don't care. We want to resolve tonights shindy in five minutes or less as we have more "See the Occupant" calls waiting in the Que. So if the opening line don't hit the magic button to hit our trigger, don't start ramping up the violations until you do. It cuts into your credibility and really makes us start looking for things to crate you on, like old warrants, dope, stolen property, etc. I'm just saying.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


When the Trooper is standing in the middle of more twisted Sheet metal then a Mack Truck Figure 8 Demolition Derby, it's colder then the Hammers of hell, There are multiple Fire, EMS Wrecker and DOT folks trying to unscrew the Half Mile melee, Don't think he is going to respond to your request for the weather in Connecticut in polite measured tones. If he tells you to go sit in your car and don't come out again until he tells you, it would be a good idea to do so. I'm just saying.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Found this at Brigids place. "Ware the wolf."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hunter and Chopper

Hunter and Chopper were the two Public Defenders in Town. They had both worked down state around Philly and got tired of the city bullshit that constantly surrounded them. First Chopper and then Hunter came north to the country. Chopper was happy go lucky and got thrown out of court one time for not wearing socks by Judge Harry (Good Guy, Another time). Chopper was also suspended for not paying a ticket down state found that out when he was a witness for me and I had to run him to get his info. Never used it. Would have been unethical and besides it was shooting Bass in a Barrel, just no fun. Hunter would always teach you in court, even though he was on the other side you would always learn something. He never made you feel stupid and it always was a teaching moment. Only one time I felt a little pissed and he came up and apoligized later. Told him his client had better get out of the county 'cause next time I wasn't gonna be as nice.
One day I get a call from County Radio, Sherrif's Office had gone to a residence to serve Civil paper. Once there they had knocked but no one answered. They walked around the back and found a row of pot plants sunning on the back rail of the deck. Sherrif's don't do crime here so they called it in. I had the zone so I took the call. Got there right after the residents, Mom, Dad and the bambinos. Parents knew the jig was up and there wasn't any arguing the outcome. Deputies had them sitting down on the back deck. Plain view and all that good Stuff. I just looked at Mom and Dad and told them this is how we play this. I will ask you one time who this belongs to and we will go from there. Argue or quible and you both go and the kids go into Childrens Home. The Father said "It is my stuff". Ok Dad, Good Show 'Cause I was dead serious about taking you both. Charged him with the Manufacture and Distro Statue, major Felony. Oh Yeah, the Deputies? They were there to serve eviction paper. Hunter's Kid went to school with one of the Grower's. Hunter rep'ed him at the hearing, Asked if we could do anything. I told him the Guy pleds to the Possession and Paraphenalia and I let the Manufacture go. Figured the guy was about to crater and the State Didn't need to be taking another family up on the Dole 'cause the old man was in prison. Probation, Time served and a fine. Hope the bastard learned something.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lt. Miroslav "Steven" Zilberman

No Greater Love hath no Man then HE who lays down his life for his fellow man.

Ukrainian Jew, who joined the navy out of college. Survived by Wife, Two Children, Mother, Father. God Speed LT. Well Done.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ben was a smart dude. Father was a Lawyer and expected him to do likewise. Ben went the other way. Jesuit University where he did the Pre-Law, Poly Sci gig and did fairly well. Ben became a cop. Did the local gig and then moved up to the State Police. Ben had the creds to be one of the Fed Alphabet agencies but Ben Wanted to be a Cop. Real Law Enforcement not Dept of Aggie chasing ladies trading in illegal roses. So Ben went through the Academy, Did his penance and did the three years away from home and then came back to his home troop. I worked the Patrol Side as a Supervisor and Ben did a tour there then moved back to the Crime Room. Ben was good, he was very Good. He has a visage like a Catholic Priest and all sorts of Bad Guys and Gals wanted to confess their sins to Ben. Remember Jesuit Uni?

One day we had a burglary. It occured at a halfway house in the county and the rock heads broke INTO the halfway house. Minor Point, usually the rock heads want to get out, it this case they wanted in, go figure. Forget who had the case but they stole Drugs (Halfway House?) and the house van. The van was recovered in Dover, DE and we figured the rock heads had wanted to go to the races. We banged on a lot of doors for that one and we got info a former guest ofthe halfway house was a part of the caper. We tracked his sister down in the city and talked to her. Didn't get a lot of info but we put the word out we wanted him. He and his one partner from the job show up at our door one night and said they wanted to give themselves up. Problem, the lead investigator was gone for some thing or another and we can't find the case file. Ben's the duty crime guy and I the night shift supervisor. I look at him and said "How do you want to play this?" Ben says let play dumb and see what these goofs give up. OK, I can do dumb. We bring the two knuckleheads back and rockhead #1 says "We want to give ourselves up." Ok, What to you want to give yourself up for? We really had nothing on them other then some street talk. We want to confess to the Halfway house Burglary. Goody, Great, Ben takes the one, I take the other and we get written statements from the both detailing how they got there, what they took and the name of the other guy(s) who were involved. Once we were done, We brought them both out in the patrol room and sit them on the bench. At this time they were advised they were under arrest and they were no longer free to go. The one guy piped up and asked "How did you know it was us?" The other one looked at him and said they didn't. Yup, Pretty much. But now we do. Charge sheet, Affadavit and both go the the Judge and get remanded. Dwight comes back on Monday and we had the statements, Charge sheet and a Supplemental for the interviews on his desk along with the Prints and Photos for booking. He said how'd you find them? I told him we didn't, they came and turned themselves in. You can go find the third guy. Here's his info. Ben said later he loved his job. Bad guys just want to get caught. Can't argue. Ben's a Crime Supervisor now. Probably make LT before he gets done. Good guy, Good Cop.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


When I was just starting out in this gig, I could run. Now a 6 minute mile ain't all that great but when your 6' 2" 245 right out of the shower, it ain't bad. Wrestled, Football and Rugby when I got to college. I'm not a track guy. But when you're the new kid out of the academy and the two old guys have between them over 60 years on the road, you're the designeated runner. Oh, yeah their office was the designated smoking area.
So Ralph and Claude got a Warrent. Not just any warrent, but an Agg. Assault on a Police Officer. Tom was a trooper before I got to Little House on the Praire. He transferred downstate to Troop headquarters but would make a special guest appearence when we were short as he know the county. Tom went and assisted Local PD with a domestic. The Domestic involved Keith and a generic female. Keith was a frequent flier and we'd had numerous dealings with Keith. When Tom went in with the locals he and Keith rodoed right off the front porch. Tom got a little messd up and Keith took a ride to the locla crowbar cafe'. Come Prelimanary hearing Keith had bonded out and had escambayed. So the Magistrate issues a Failure to Appear Warrent. Keith's hiding out at his folks place out in the woods. Place is up a quarter mile drive way and I'm riding with Ralph and Claude. Oh Yeah, Unmarked Police car. This particullar one was an all black Dodge Diplomat. Steel Rims, Small hubcaps, All black. Obvious as a drunk on his wedding day. OK, we pull up to the house and I head around back. Designated runner remember. I see this pair of blue jeans and a Levi jacket heading out through the back yard. Keith ain't small, I guess he goes 200 normally but he can scoot. And he's running. I start to shift up through the gears and I see a knife scabbard on his belt. Back in the old days we carried 12 rounds of .357 in speedloaders and a pair of handcuffs. That's it, no radio, No baton, no pepper spray, Taser, ETC. We went to fists quite often. I carried a C Cell Mag light from when I was a Paramedic. Had a Baton Ring and it fit quite nicely. Didn't have it that day. So here we go. I yell at Keith to stand and deliver. He just puts his head down and starts to motor. Claude sees me pull the revolver and yells at me to put the gun away. I yelled back Keith had a knife. So Off we go. Keith has a bit of a head start on me and it's an uphill chase. At some point I'm thinking I'm gonna have to shoot this bastard or he gonna get away from me. Then Keith Stops, I catch up and yell at him to get on the ground. He told me to go pound sand. Ok, Skippy. Remember, No Intermediate tools. I kicked his leg out from under him and down he goes on his face. His hands are up under him and I see the knife scabbard is empty. "Put your hands out to the side!" "Go Fuck youself." At which point I proceed to put the boot in. Tell Him again to put his hands out to the side. He's a little bit more amenable at this point and I cuff him up. Claude and Ralph come chuggin up sounding like two steam locomotives. Two old guys remember, probably smoke a carton of cigs between them a day. Ralph starts to read the Warrent and then says "Fuck it, John just grab him. Let's go"

I field Strip Keith looking for the knife, seems he dropped it when his Mom yelled that the Gendamerie' were here and he ran out of the bedroom. I was all for crating Mom but Ralph and Claude said not too. Keith got 3-5 years in State for that one. Side note Keith saved the life of a Prison Guard while in the joint. Keith was a jerk but he never bitched about getting thumped. Dealt with him on later occasions but you always know were you stood with him. He always knew when we came for him there would be no quarter but when it was over it was done. Damn few bad guys like that anymore.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New truck

1970 Seagrave Tiller.

Getting Body work done, Not bad for a 40 year old truck. :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Couple of thoughts. Most failures with a bottom feeder can be directly traced to the ammo dispenser. Goes back to proof of concept and test your equipment. Couple of things go with that.

1. Mark your mags. This goes a long way to identifying them that can be a source of trouble.

2. Two is one, one is none. Get more mags. Absolute minimum is three and then multiplied, 6 then 9 etc. Reason LEO types rotate their ammo at least twice a year and more if the Dept is progressive. Using the same mags all the time I feel they tend to get tired and I like to rotate them through. I keep at least three mags loaded for social work. the rest are in the range bag and are for competition.

3. Buy a mag pouch. I can't tell you how many folks with drop coin on a holster and then not obtain a BELT and Mag pouch to go with it. Again with proof of concept. Shoot a course of fire. Under time and stress and find out what works. We don't buy those fancy rigs for nothing. You ain't gonna do well in competition diggin in your pants for mags, what makes you think it will work on the street.

4. Carry a reload. Sounds simple really, but why do we? Are you expecting the Zombie Apocalypse with a plethora of targets or the Invasion through Baja? Again where do most failures derive from, The source of ammo. Get it gone, Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Get back in the game.

Thanks for listening. Now go shoot.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Comfort Zone

I shoot Stock Service Revolver. Like Avis We try Harder. When I shoot SSP or CDP I tend to Run one or two in that division. Shooting a wheelie makes you work to do as well. Do your Kata, practice your presentation and do your speed loads. A Martial Arts type told me it takes 3000 reps of a movement to make it second nature. Breath... BEEP!

An aside, Make sure you clear any and all live rounds when ya do this. Embarrassing when you plug the den wall.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sniper bunnies

From Breda, this one has potential. Dunno where the hell she found it. Nice transition on the handgun.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


New Show. On FX. Go see it, Check out Clips. That is all.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Navy Field Gun

Based upon The Royal Navy Landing guns from 2 of her Warships to support the Relief Expedition of Ladysmith during the Boer War. Bloody nuts the lot of 'em. Truly Magnificent.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Proof of Concept

I'm a Gunner, Have a few boom sticks and try to be proficient with them. Mostly Sigs and Smith so the Manual of Arms is pretty stock. Long Guns run to AR's, Mauser Bolt Guns and Remmie or Benelli Shotties. Here's the thing, We all talk about what we would reach for a given day but have you ever validated that choice? Nothing like a Brookings Institute White Paper but actually shot your choice of weapon.

Shot an IDPA Three gun match for grins and giggles but found out some stuff. Magpul P Mag doesn't like to seat with a full mag and a closed Bolt. OK, Need a little adaption there. Location of Magazines on person and WHAT type of pouches are you using. Some aren't worth the nylon and Velcro they are made of. Shoot a Match Sometime with your SHTF Stuff, See if it does what you thought it would do. Don't worry about Times, Score or Points down. SEE if your stuff works. There are Gamers out there that have all the gimmicks, don't fall into that hole. Keep it simple, Think out your kit and build it accordingly. Then Test it. Proof of Concept. Good Luck.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IDPA 3 Gun

Or Two Gun in my Case. Showed up late and they had fired the pistol portion in the morning. Got a chance to break in the 870 Police Magnum and the 5.56. Did fair, Happy with my splits with the pump. 6.6 Secs. Tried a Benelli M2 and did a flat 3.7 on 5 poppers. Took the 3 Second Penalty as I didn't seek cover for the last three. Didn't care. I was happy with that. I'm not as versed with the pump as I am with an auto. Gotta work harder with an 870 but it is worth the effort. YMMV. Practice.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blog meet

Hat Tip to Tam, Roberta, Caleb and Old Grouch, Pleasure to meet 'cha. Hell, I didn't even know what a Raconteur was and now I are one. Thanks Folks. Gotta do it again soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days

You're all nuts. Stay off the roads. Spent all day pulling people out of stuck cars. Stupid should be painful.$$ViewTemplate%20for%20CurrentYear?OpenForm

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well Done

Saints won. After 42 Years. Well Done by all Hands. Colts gave it a good run but the Saints were playing with Passion. Good Job Guys, You deserved this one.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

March of the Cameron Men

There was a Cat by the Name of Jack Churchill who was one of the Brit Commando's during the last BIG dust up. Born in '06 and died in '96. By all accounts he was a truly Mad leader in the Finest Tradition. Went into battle with a Claymore and Long Bow. By the way, he played the Pipes. ;)