Sunday, April 4, 2021

Choices in Car buying.

     My Dear Brother has been Car shopping.    His Choices in Sheet Metal have been decidedly Eclectic.   The 1947 Doge Power Wagon which resided in the back yard until Mom put her foot down was a beauty....   For a given definition of Beauty.     I remember driving down to New Jersey to pick up a Volvo that was held together by rust and mold and probably a target of a NJ Board of Health alert with him.    That was an adventure.    Don't know if that ever ran.   He had parts of three (3) MG's he managed to keep running somehow stashed in the one room school house next door along with an ulta light powered by a VW Air cooled engine.   As He has gotten older,  the choices have been different.   The Ford ambulance with the 7.3 Diesel engine you just could not kill for his work truck.   His  then wife couldn't stand it.   I told him to keep it just because.   She didn't like me anyway.    So he has some discretionary money he has managed to accumulate despite her best efforts.    So He got this

Ok,   cool.    Needs work but he quit smoking and had to spend his money somewhere.    

So  he calls me and tells me he has sold the Buick and is looking to buy THIS Car.   1966 Chrysler New Yorker with a 440 and an immaculate interior.   I asked about the outside.    He called it Patina and said people pay big bucks for that.   I see rust and I don't pay for that.    

I had to get my Tetanus booster just from looking at the picture. 

   So He decides the New Yorker isn't quite what he wanted,   Not enough things wrong with it I guess.  SO He finds this.     

What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is this Fresh Hell?  That my Friends, is a French Citroen.   A brace of them to be exact.    Now my tastes tends to run to European iron,   generally Swedish and German.   RIP Saab.   Italian's make Beautiful Rides but way too expensive to maintain and given my luck I would blow them up with Prejudice.   The Brits invented Bad wiring (Lucas) but designed nice rides.    I said designed,   can't keep them running without your own mech and garage.   Which leaves us the French.    I am down with the Skoda,   Hell they are part of the VW corporation and make solid cars,   except that German engineering influence thing but they are forgiven for that.   But Seriously a Citroen?    Except for RED II where they crashed one deliberately,  I have never seen a French Car outside of a movie.    And a French movie at that.    I'll take the New Yorker.    Thanks for looking