Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movement as a tactic

An Old retired Bull told me he carries three guns as a result of his decreasing mobility. His adage was the best gunfight he was in was the one he wasn't there for. Unfortunately as age creeps up on him, his ambulation has suffered. Ergo his options have declined as well. I imagine a person in a wheelchair really has no options except to fight. If they could strap a directional mine or a couple of bouncing betty's to their chair , I'd imagine they would.

Certainly as you take away the option of retreat or flight, the consequences you face become more dire. Location, timing, weather, health and who is with you all enter into the equation. I used to strap on when I dated this one girl who definitely was not a gunny. She asked me why I always carried a weapon. I told her I didn't always but I always carried when I was with her. I got a raised eyebrow with that. I told her if I was by myself I could always run like hell. With her present the flight option was removed. She kinda got that.

Remember, You don't have to outrun the bear, You just have to outrun the slowest one there.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't Quit

Attended a Tactical School back when HK still did their own courses. John Meyers was the lead instructor and Gene and Chris were assisting. We were doing entries and I was tossing flashbangs like they were firecrackers. All guns were Simunitions and a no brass, no knives policy was in effect. HK taught move to the threat, Not Button Hook, Crossover or any fancy bullshit. Too many individuals attending on their own hook or as an individual . If you were a team John would break you up to take you out of your comfort zone. Not a bad thought as today's Active Shooter Theory is a pick up game of whoever gets there first. Anyway, We roll in and the two shooters open up on us. I was number two through the door and got nailed in the butt. The shooter was shooting from the end of the the hallway and caught me as I went past. Number three got drilled as he turned into the hallway and went down. John calls a cease fire/Endex and is asking Number three if he was all right. John Explained later he thought a live round had gotten into play and the guy was really hit. The guy replied he went down 'cause he was hit. John Told him in a loud and direct fashion you don't ever quit. Even when you are hit, You Don't Quit. Food for thought. As for me, I didn't even know he'd hit me until someone pointed it out. That happens in real life as well.

Now Go Shoot.

Shoot to Cover

We shot Quals last week. Did the M4 and the M11 (SIG 228). We had extra ammo for the range and the NCO Marko added a transition drill to it. Intriguing I thought so I left it in. Watched it run and made some notes relative to it. First one was they downloaded both M11 and M4 mags. I'm gonna change that one and make the the M11 mags full up and no dummies. Here's why, this was the first time most of these guys had ever done transition drills and frankly we really need to practice more. Second and I keyed on this, the guys would stop when they ran the weapon dry. Didn't matter if it was the pistol or rifle, the guys would stop to make the mag change.

I teach three different mag changes. Emergency, Tactical and Admin. First one is what it is. You go dry and it is a right now moment. The second is I'm getting low and need to top off. The last is I'm driving out the gate and am going hot. The only one not done from behind cover is the Emergency drill and you MOVE. Get off the dime, Move laterally, Just don't frikkin' stand there. The IDPA, IPSC and three gun guys have this going on and set up their rigs accordingly. The Big Green Machine Not so much, Frankly we suck at this. We're getting better but it takes some boots on the ground experience to change the Fobbit Mindset some senior leadership has. The guys who get shot at on a regular basis are getting real good at this and the rest of us are catching up.

Anyway back to my point. You are moving forward to another fire position, as you do you shoot your primary dry. You then transition to your secondary weapon. When you transition to your secondary weapon, Move to cover. I repeat "Move to cover". Continue to engage the threat and get your ass in gear. This reduces your exposure to hostile fire and gets to you a place where you can get your primary bang stick going again. Probably 4 of every five shooters stopped when they ran the secondary dry. Fairly good transition from primary to secondary but when we ran the pistol out, most shooters stopped to reload. Consequences of training. Next Qual, We are going to do just pistol with movement. Crawl, walk, run. We'll work in the rifle later.

Now go shoot.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Earl resembles his TV persona. He wasn't a bad guy. Just had a Significant other that took a walk on the wild side and didn't take him along. She wasn't much of a catch but Earl Thought he loved her and she did him wrong. She and a girlfriend went out one night and left Earl with the kids. When she didn't come home, Earl collected up the Family Deer Rifle and went in search of his beloved. He tracked her down to a non-descript motel which catered to the Trucking industry just north of the state line. It did a brisk business on the weekends with the Mr/Miss Right Crowd or at least the Right Now. Now Earl showed at least a bit of decorum as he didn't just go busting down doors for the beloved. Probably would have interrupted more then one temporary relationships but we digress. He just went to the night clerk and asked if his beloved or her girlfriend were registered and what room. He knew she was there as the family sedan was parked outside. The clerk was behind glass and was probably happy for it, dunno if it would have slowed down what Earl was carrying but it would have bought him some time. He couldn't/didn't confirm her location and dropped a call to 911 as soon as Earl walked out the door. We came scampering down the interstate and faced off with Earl in the parking lot. It was dark when we got there but daybreak was just starting to crack as we went along. Earl was weeping and sobbing in the parking lot but still had the Deer Rifle. We had a bit of a pickle as Earl wouldn't give up the rifle and I wouldn't let him see his beloved until he did. I had tracked her down with her temporary partner and hustled them out the back. I couldn't get them out of there as Earl had eyes on the only way out.

Now I've been to the Basic Hostage Negotiation course but it wasn't something I did very often as I fobbed it off on one of the Crime guys as they were always better at the warm fuzzy stuff. Me, I was the Break things and Kill stuff guy. But one of the things they absolutely pound in you is ya never let the guy with the gun see the old lady or let the family member get involved in the negotiation process as you have no idea what the hell they will say. An I have been to too many Murder-Suicides to even let him get a bead on her. So there was the impasse. Finally Earl agreed to put down the rifle if he could talk to her. OK, Small steps. I talk to her and tell her "Do not promise him anything, Do not say it will be OK. Just say We will see" Earl put down the rifle, My guys cuff him up and get him in the back of the car. She came out and faced up with him. When He started to get cranked up. I told him Conversation's over. Earl went into confinement for that one. I didn't really like his beloved but he must have. Hell of a thing to put your trust and soul in someone who stomps all over your feelings. Sorry, Earl. It was just the job. Glad I didn't have to kill ya.