Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hunter and Chopper

Hunter and Chopper were the two Public Defenders in Town. They had both worked down state around Philly and got tired of the city bullshit that constantly surrounded them. First Chopper and then Hunter came north to the country. Chopper was happy go lucky and got thrown out of court one time for not wearing socks by Judge Harry (Good Guy, Another time). Chopper was also suspended for not paying a ticket down state found that out when he was a witness for me and I had to run him to get his info. Never used it. Would have been unethical and besides it was shooting Bass in a Barrel, just no fun. Hunter would always teach you in court, even though he was on the other side you would always learn something. He never made you feel stupid and it always was a teaching moment. Only one time I felt a little pissed and he came up and apoligized later. Told him his client had better get out of the county 'cause next time I wasn't gonna be as nice.
One day I get a call from County Radio, Sherrif's Office had gone to a residence to serve Civil paper. Once there they had knocked but no one answered. They walked around the back and found a row of pot plants sunning on the back rail of the deck. Sherrif's don't do crime here so they called it in. I had the zone so I took the call. Got there right after the residents, Mom, Dad and the bambinos. Parents knew the jig was up and there wasn't any arguing the outcome. Deputies had them sitting down on the back deck. Plain view and all that good Stuff. I just looked at Mom and Dad and told them this is how we play this. I will ask you one time who this belongs to and we will go from there. Argue or quible and you both go and the kids go into Childrens Home. The Father said "It is my stuff". Ok Dad, Good Show 'Cause I was dead serious about taking you both. Charged him with the Manufacture and Distro Statue, major Felony. Oh Yeah, the Deputies? They were there to serve eviction paper. Hunter's Kid went to school with one of the Grower's. Hunter rep'ed him at the hearing, Asked if we could do anything. I told him the Guy pleds to the Possession and Paraphenalia and I let the Manufacture go. Figured the guy was about to crater and the State Didn't need to be taking another family up on the Dole 'cause the old man was in prison. Probation, Time served and a fine. Hope the bastard learned something.


  1. Meh- figure the odds... sounds like they were down and out already. But, hope DOES spring eternal, especially when kids are involved. Sounds like an interesting territory!

  2. I've never had any trouble with cops, but I generally don't like them much. If more of them thought like you, maybe I'd feel differently.

    Incidentally, Old NFO: DOPE springs eternal, too, I'm sorry to say.