Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day

BB35 USS Texas,  My Grandfathers ship.   He was a plank owner when She was commissioned in 1914.

We acknowledge those who have gone before and served this country.   Some didn't make it back.  For Them we remember.   Fallen Comrades.    

Monday, May 14, 2018


Or Individual First Aid Kit for those of you none Military type folks.    Had a chance to use two the other day.   Each kit has an Israeli Combat Dressing, Nasal Airway, Tourniquet,  Packing Gauze and some other assorted stuff. 

And I got to use it on.... A Horse. 

Heading down Tinker AFB for some Time with a Brother by  a Different Mother when I came up on a Accident involving a Two Horse trailer that had come unhitched from Its prime mover.  It had run off the road and buried the tongue in the dirt alongside the highway.   The results were not optimal.   One horse was killed on impact and they had a devil of a time getting the other one out of the trailer.   One gentleman who stopped got a busted hand for his efforts.   I pulled up and checked out the survivor.   He had a laceration down the right forearm from the elbow to the knee.   Ripped up pretty good.   Shocky and shivering and a couple of folks were working on getting him calmed down.   I pulled out the Israeli dressings and went to apply them to his cut.  He didn't like that much so I let him chill for a bit.  Had the one gentleman stand on his port side so he wouldn't move away from me and got down to wrapping up his leg.   He didn't fuss too much this time and I got the second one on without too much trouble.   Lady pulled up about the same time Missouri Highway Patrol got there.   Said she was a Veterinarian and asked if I had cleaned out the wound,   Told her I had been lucky just to get the bandages on without getting my ass kicked by a two thousand pound animal "Thank You very Much" and said she was more then welcome to give it a shot.   Gave my info to the
Trooper and said Adios.   Good kid.  They are getting younger each day.   Having had some horse vs Car accidents back in the day, asked Him what he was going to do about the dead one,  He told me that was for the Tow Truck Driver to worry about.  I got out of there before that illustrious gentleman got to perform that duty.    Now I have to replace the dressings,  not sure supply is going to accept my Explanation when I go in to request replacements. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

RIP Gunny

R Lee Ermey turned in his rifle on 15 APR 2018. 

 Born In 1944 Joined the Corp in 1961 and went through Recruit Training at MCRD San Diego, CA.

I leave you with this. 

Friday, March 23, 2018


   York City Pa lost two guys in a building collapse after the fire was Knocked down.   FDNY lost a Member of Engine 69 when he became separated from the initial hose line. 

God Grant we Have such Men.   Prayers for the Fallen.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Status Check

Just filed my retirement Papers with Uncle Sam.   Bittersweet.   Looking at a Job with DOD as a Civvy.  We shall see.  Not Dead yet.