Friday, August 5, 2011


Apparently I am Popular in... Korea. South I think. The counter doesn't differentiate. Who knew?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Have no issue with the Alt Lifestyle, just don't include me or wave it in my face. Get aggessive about it and we can go rodeo in the parking lot if'n you want. Don't really care. However given I have worked with these folks on the green side and the LE side, They come to work like everyone else and do their job. That is all I care about. What you do behind closed doors or your bedroom ain't none of my business. Bring it to work and disrupt my happy place, you and me gonna talk. Same goes for the Female side of the equation, Do your job. Me happy. Be a Diva, Me get heap big pissed off and I become the evil twin of the nice Sergeant you used to work for.

Graduated from The Citadel way back when. When The Supremes said we had to admit women, we bit our lip and said "Yes, Sir" and went back to work. When the NOW harpies found out the new female cadets had to meet the SAME standard as the guys, they responded "That's not what We want". Don't give a damn, This is our sand box and you want to come play. These are the rules. Don't like it, tough. Go somewhere else.

Having said all this, I don't have problem with the individual. It's the political movement and those that pander to them I despise. Don't think for a second that those who bat from the other side of the plate can't fight like a bastard. Ever hear of the Sacred Band of Thebes? Look it up, There will be a test. Likewise for the Distaff side, Female writer penned a book called "Shoot the Women First" about Female terrorists and their dedication to their cause. She described where a guy would look at the odds and say "OK, ya got me", the Female pulls a Gat and starts singin'. You wanna join the team, Good. Do your job, Don't disrespect the Organization YOU asked to join and keep your piccadilios a 100 miles from the flagpole and I'll swear you in myself. Be an asshole and I'll be doing the paperwork to remove you from the force.

Tom Kratman wrote on this in an article. I link it here with his permission.