Sunday, March 31, 2013


Just remember why we have this day.  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Learners Permit

    I was the Special Projects Sergeant at Eastcoast Troop up From Philly.   While I was there I decided to get my Commercial Drivers License (CDL) back.  It had expired several years back and the Feds had come out with a whole slew of new Hoops of Fire you had to jump through to get your CDL.  Anyway I had submitted my paper work to get my Learners Permit and have it sent to Home of Record upstate. It is also my Mom's house.  Remember this as it factors in later.  I had a apartment in town but always maintained my Driver License at my Home of Record.  Anyhow sent it in and forgot about it.

    Couple of weeks later the envelope from DOT came in to my Home of Record.   Mom who is the reason for my bent sense of humor opened it.  She told me later it was because she thought it was important.  OK,  Gotcha.   Thereupon she notes my Learners Permit.   Now I have been driving for 30+ years by this point and she sees a great opportunity for a zinger.   She calls down and talks to the Dispatcher.  I have been there for a year and Everybody knows who she is.   She identifies her self and the Dispatcher asks what he can do for Her.  She asks to leave a message.  "No Problem,  What is it?"  "Please tell him His Learners Permit came in."   Moment of Silence on the Dispatchers end.   "Yes Ma'am,  Anything else?"   "Nope,  That'all do it.  Bye."  

   Now if ya have ever worked  with Cops, Fireman, EMS or any ER type folks,  they are never one to pass up an opportunity to bust somebodies chops.  Everybody is fair game and the more Pompous and righteous they are is all the more reason to give them a crack.  Of Course,  MY Guy isn't gonna let this pitch go by without a swing for the fences.  I am out on the Road and he calls me on the radio.   "Dispatch Car 6.  Car 6 Go.  Dispatch Car 6, I have a message from your Residence.  Do you want to 21 (phone call) or have me give it out over the Air?"   I asked if I needed to 21 as Mom had been having some health related issue lately. The Dispatch indicated  "Negative, just left a message."  "Go with the Message."   "Caller advised your Learner's Permit came in."      

    OK,  Dispatch covers from just above Philly to the Poconos, eight Counties and God knows how many Troopers just heard this.    "Car 6 Copies."

   Get back to the office and my guys don't say a word.  They also know I'd assign them to the last out for the rest of their lives or until I forgave them which wasn't in the cards.   The Lieutenant however isn't so constrained,  "Jake, got a minute?" "Sure Lt, what's up?"   "You do have a Driver's License?"   Pulled it out and handed it to him.   Raised Eyebrow.  "Applied for my CDL,   the Paper work was sent to my Home of Record.   Mom just called to let me know."   "OK, Just checking."  

And that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

Crown Royal rule

Used to be when we tossed a car, if we found a Crown Royal Bag, it always contained either Dope, A gun or some other fruits of Crime.   Don't matter if the car was held together with duck tape an spit,  there'd be a Crown Royal bag with some goodies in the car.   Never could figure out where they'd get the bag as they sure as hell didn't pay for it.  

Just saying.