Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't Quit

Attended a Tactical School back when HK still did their own courses. John Meyers was the lead instructor and Gene and Chris were assisting. We were doing entries and I was tossing flashbangs like they were firecrackers. All guns were Simunitions and a no brass, no knives policy was in effect. HK taught move to the threat, Not Button Hook, Crossover or any fancy bullshit. Too many individuals attending on their own hook or as an individual . If you were a team John would break you up to take you out of your comfort zone. Not a bad thought as today's Active Shooter Theory is a pick up game of whoever gets there first. Anyway, We roll in and the two shooters open up on us. I was number two through the door and got nailed in the butt. The shooter was shooting from the end of the the hallway and caught me as I went past. Number three got drilled as he turned into the hallway and went down. John calls a cease fire/Endex and is asking Number three if he was all right. John Explained later he thought a live round had gotten into play and the guy was really hit. The guy replied he went down 'cause he was hit. John Told him in a loud and direct fashion you don't ever quit. Even when you are hit, You Don't Quit. Food for thought. As for me, I didn't even know he'd hit me until someone pointed it out. That happens in real life as well.

Now Go Shoot.

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  1. :-) That HAD to be an interesting 'lecture'... You stop on an entry, you've just put the rest of the team square in the kill zone...