Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Appearences

Running Patrol one day in the Devils Triangle. New York to the North, New Jersey to the south. The folks from down the river have a saying, "Go to the Poconos on Vacation, Come home on Probation". Yup, Pretty much. Anyway I working the north end of the county and get a call for a suspect Vehicle at an Abandoned Gas Station off the Interstate. Get there and a red Camaro is sitting in the parking lot. Swing in behind and lit the car up with the take downs. Walk up, Contact the occupant and go back to the Cruiser with the cards. I run the vehicle and the Driver when I notice the DL has a moustache in the portrait. OK, Ya hafta understand I'm just a little off plumb here as the driver is wearing white pumps, nylons, a red mini skirt, Sweater, Wrap around shades and a perfectly fetching short jacket. Ahem, Sorry I find it hard to erase the image due to the conflict with the legal pic. Anyway, get done, go back up and hand HIM the cards and told him the reason I was checking him out was due to the location being damaged during the time it was vacant. Told him he was free to go but I had one question.... His response, "Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do". Ok, whatever, be careful pullling out and get out of here. Never assume what you first encounter is what you are really dealing with. Be... Careful out there.