Friday, June 29, 2012

Rainbow bridge

The little guy is my Nephew.  The pup is Shadow.  He'd been having trouble keeping food down and they thought it was GERD.   Had his winter coat shaved and he looked like he lost weight.   he was throwing up frequently and my brother took him to the doc while I was at work.   Scott texted and told me he was in bad shape.   Seems they found a mass.  He is my brother's dog but I got him whenever they went out of town.   They took him to the doc while I was working.   Didn't want to extend the pain.   I was ready to punch walls.   He was a  good dog.    See ya Buddy.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cop Talk

   Guys and Gals who carry the shield talk shop when they get together.  It's just what they do.  The general Motoring Public hasn't a clue what the Emergency Services deal with.   EMS, Fire, cops, medical examiner, 911 Dispatchers,  hell even the tow truck drivers experience more then what John Q sees daily.  So in that thought  I was talking shop with some Feds here the other day.   One of the things discussed was how you get your calls and how screwed up it sounds vs how bad it really is or how generic the description and then how effed up it REALLY is.   Yelled at the 911 super one day when they forgot to put across a crash where the local fire was on scene for over an hour.   The Chief called us on his cell and asked when were we going to make an appearence.   Sorry pal,  911 never put it across.  Right,  I got on the phone and gave the super royal hell and asked just when they thought it would be a good time to refer the call.   

    Fed Badge said "Got you one better,  How'd you like to watching CNN and watch an incident that falls under your responsibility and nobody called you." 

   Seriously,  Ya got me.  Can't top that one.

Ya'all be careful out there.