Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Couple of thoughts. Most failures with a bottom feeder can be directly traced to the ammo dispenser. Goes back to proof of concept and test your equipment. Couple of things go with that.

1. Mark your mags. This goes a long way to identifying them that can be a source of trouble.

2. Two is one, one is none. Get more mags. Absolute minimum is three and then multiplied, 6 then 9 etc. Reason LEO types rotate their ammo at least twice a year and more if the Dept is progressive. Using the same mags all the time I feel they tend to get tired and I like to rotate them through. I keep at least three mags loaded for social work. the rest are in the range bag and are for competition.

3. Buy a mag pouch. I can't tell you how many folks with drop coin on a holster and then not obtain a BELT and Mag pouch to go with it. Again with proof of concept. Shoot a course of fire. Under time and stress and find out what works. We don't buy those fancy rigs for nothing. You ain't gonna do well in competition diggin in your pants for mags, what makes you think it will work on the street.

4. Carry a reload. Sounds simple really, but why do we? Are you expecting the Zombie Apocalypse with a plethora of targets or the Invasion through Baja? Again where do most failures derive from, The source of ammo. Get it gone, Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Get back in the game.

Thanks for listening. Now go shoot.

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