Thursday, July 26, 2012

Domestic violence

Dog had a victim of DV show up at the Jail where her beloved had ended up for the evening.   Here in PA DV is/was one of my "Go directly to jail" pinches.   I walk in and see marks,  somebody is getting hooked up. 

    Roger and I were working the midnight shift in Little House in the Prairie.   There are some scattered local PD's up there that work when they feel like it and leave it to Us to pick up when they aren't.   One in particular would go off when the sun when down but would always call when we had something in his 'Berg.  Didn't mean he'd come out,  just means he was listening to what was happening.   One night me an Rog picked up a call when Eugene and his Sigo were headin' home from the Moose.   Seems Eugene and his beloved got into a spat where he kicked the living daylights out of her and bodily hauled her back into the truck when she tried to bolt.  We showed up and She proceeded to expound on the last fifteen-twenty years of their circus of a marriage. Looked at Rog and Asked "You heard enough".   "Yup".   Suddenly it dawned on her we were the State Cops and not the local LEO's she'd always dealt with.   See Little house on the Praire  was way up in the woods and 99.9% of the local pop were... white.  Roger was out of Pittsburg and had played Football back in College and was...   Black,    She musta realized we were taking her dearly beloved next as he came tumbling down the stairs after we had found him passed out on the bed.   We hauled him down to the barracks and did the Charge sheet and Affidavit before hauling him down county to Night court.   She'd beat us to the Jail with a blank check for his bond.   Never did get called back there though.  Figure Eugene found out when the local Po Po ain't on duty  and the State Shows up,  he was taking a ride.   Dunno if it made a difference but I always figured it did for me.  The bastard would sit in jail for the night as the judge wouldn't come back out on a DV and the Jail wouldn't/wasn't allowed to release without his/her say so.  

Friday, July 20, 2012


    Shoot IDPA in SSR and SSP with a 1911 thrown in for good measure.   IPSC when I'm in town an the schedule allows.   One weekend myself and one other guy in SSR.  Both L frames,  I'm in a Safariland duty rig and he's in kydex.   I was keeping up with him but really had to work at it.   Asked him at the end of the day what he was shooting for ammo.  He replied handloads which were one step above cowboy loads.  I blew my cork as I was firing full house Federal 125's.    Sumbitch wasn't even meeting power factor.   Seriously,  are you shooting this for fun or to train?   I look at trigger time as prep for the main event.   Proof of concept to see what works and what don't.    Don't be that guy and use every chance to get ready for the day. 

Now go shoot.