Sunday, March 18, 2012

Degrees of Heat

Note to Self.

When ordering at a Thai Resturant, ask to see the MSDS sheet for the Stuff you are about to consume. I've eaten Korean, Szechuan Chinese, Habanero's and other assorted Hot Dishes but this went right through the Scoville Scale (, out the other side and right into Industrial Toxic Waste. Sweet Baby Jesus, and they seemed like such nice people too.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stupid Busy

Febuary must have saved up all the bad ju-ju for wednesday. A cascading series of events piled up and just dumb things kept happening. Staff wasn't keeping the team updated, we were not getting timely info and the balls were dropping like greased manhole covers. I had calmed down by the afternoon but about midmorning I was ready to commit murder. We weren't the only ones having a bad day and the other section had its comedy of errors rolling just like us. The end of day was greatly appreciated butthen the e-missles started flying. The culmination was EVERYBODY coming in on Saturday Morning for a meeting/asschewing. I called the other Team Chief and we discussed it. I was prepared to tell my team to stay home and show up in jeans with my coffee cup. Just to make a point, We had a Bad day, Nobody died. Team Sergeant and I will work on fixing it. Don't be an Ass and be "Stupid Busy". Big Green has a habit of this, Reservists not so much as We are One OLDER and Two used to working with folks to get them to fix themselves, either that or be fired. We decided to have a Wait and See attitude. Seems he has calmed down and we are having a Team Leader meeting later this week to address lessons learned. You can always learn from experience even when they are bad ones.

Thomas Edison once Said "I didn't fail to invent the light Bulb 2000 Times, I figured out 2000 ways it didn't work".

Now Get your ass Back in the Game.