Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Kings Men

Seems the local Vicar has remembered part of the requirements of the Parish and that is to provide Men at Arms to the King. Well done to the Vicar. The Most Reverend Mary Edwards, no relation to the King. ;)


Saturday, June 12, 2010


When you call the Gendarmerie to your palatial abode to complain about your latest cohabitant, It would behoove you to tell the responding trooper the main complaint up front. He/I don't really give a hoot about what the last 6 months have been all about, He/I don't care. We want to resolve tonights shindy in five minutes or less as we have more "See the Occupant" calls waiting in the Que. So if the opening line don't hit the magic button to hit our trigger, don't start ramping up the violations until you do. It cuts into your credibility and really makes us start looking for things to crate you on, like old warrants, dope, stolen property, etc. I'm just saying.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


When the Trooper is standing in the middle of more twisted Sheet metal then a Mack Truck Figure 8 Demolition Derby, it's colder then the Hammers of hell, There are multiple Fire, EMS Wrecker and DOT folks trying to unscrew the Half Mile melee, Don't think he is going to respond to your request for the weather in Connecticut in polite measured tones. If he tells you to go sit in your car and don't come out again until he tells you, it would be a good idea to do so. I'm just saying.