Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Proof of Concept

I'm a Gunner, Have a few boom sticks and try to be proficient with them. Mostly Sigs and Smith so the Manual of Arms is pretty stock. Long Guns run to AR's, Mauser Bolt Guns and Remmie or Benelli Shotties. Here's the thing, We all talk about what we would reach for a given day but have you ever validated that choice? Nothing like a Brookings Institute White Paper but actually shot your choice of weapon.

Shot an IDPA Three gun match for grins and giggles but found out some stuff. Magpul P Mag doesn't like to seat with a full mag and a closed Bolt. OK, Need a little adaption there. Location of Magazines on person and WHAT type of pouches are you using. Some aren't worth the nylon and Velcro they are made of. Shoot a Match Sometime with your SHTF Stuff, See if it does what you thought it would do. Don't worry about Times, Score or Points down. SEE if your stuff works. There are Gamers out there that have all the gimmicks, don't fall into that hole. Keep it simple, Think out your kit and build it accordingly. Then Test it. Proof of Concept. Good Luck.


  1. Excellent post and excellent points! I personally favor the drop leg pouch for the AR mags, based on shooting 3 gun and having to flop on your belly to shoot a stage, that kinda negates those fancy chest pouches. Agree on the Pmags... I have ALWAYS short loaded, because I used to have the same problem with the old Colt mags. We have one of those mall ninjas that has every tacticool accesssory and weapon, and he is routinely dead last at shoots...

  2. Nicely put! --Nothing like doing to learn what works...or fails to.

  3. Had a friend at the last 3 gun match that could not get a mag seated. Applied enough force to get it to latch and then could not get the mag out or pull the charging handle to the rear. Had to push out the rear pin and then remove the mag.

    If you downloaded the magazine by one round, no problems.