Sunday, March 13, 2011


Did a Two Week Instructors school there recently. 26 in the class, two 1st Lt's, one 2nd Lt (Anphibs), Two Warrants, a Master Gunnery SGT (E9) and two Gunnery Sgt's (E7). The rest were a mix of Sgt's and Staff Sgt's. To say it reaffirmed my faith in Marines was... an understatement. We'd be in at 0730 each day, draw weapons and start in. End of Day, I'd head for the house and they would be.. Marines on Liberty. To say I got a chuckle out of it was putting it mildly. Half these kids will be in country in a couple of months and I am sure they will uphold the honor of the Force. But for now, They were just being Marines. God Bless You guys, Fair Winds and Following Seas.