Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tech Support

Actual conversation

What would you do if the caller on the other end of the telephone line (with a indian accent) {and out of the blue} called and told you to go to your computer and that they were going to help you/me to fix my computer?

"Who are you?"
"What company do you work for?"
'Computer services'
"Why are you calling me?"
'I'm calling because I want to help you make you computer work faster'
"I don't need it to work faster, I want it to connect when I open my e-mail"
ring-ring Hall low?
"yes - who are you?"
'Enreeka - from HP computer services- we want to fix your computer so that it will work faster'
"I don't want it to work faster, I want it to connect when I dial up on my e-mail - How did you get this number? " "This is a do not call number,"
'We want to fix the XP program on your computer'
"I don't have XP- I have Vista- home premium and all I know that my machine turns itself on at 3 a.m. and downloads the updates. After that I can't get into my computer"
'It's 3 a.m. over there?'
"Where are you calling from?"
Remember the accent?
'New York City'

Yah no- if I was less of a ________(whatever- fill in the blank) had a buzz on and/or was more trusting I might have co-operated but and because I don't trust anyone and being true to form- I hung up.

True story. I am not computor literate but I am still a suspicious bastard.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Man down

A Member of the Service was shot and killed in the line of duty Sunday night in Monroe county, PA outside of Stroudsburg. It sucks when you go to a tie with a bad guy. Trooper left a wife and three small kids. Fallen Comrades,2933,525358,00.html

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Was the code word for the Allied Operation refered to as D-Day. The navel portion was referred to as Neptune. I jumped Normandy in 2000 and 2001 at the Merville Battery where the 9th Para Battalion operated. Had a chance to meet with the Vets and speak to the Battalion Commander Terrance Otway in 2001. Unit suffered over 50% Casualties over the course of the the Normandy Campaign. Good guys. Blessings on all those who went. Prayers for those who never came back.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Small steps

Two unrequited liberals asked me to teach them how to shoot. They are sisters, own a small business and voted for Hopey, Changey in the last election. Being the true knuckle draggin' neanderthal I am, I leaped at the chance to bring some one into the Light or Dark if you happen to swing for the other team. Trying to get the moons into alignment for them, my work schedule was an exercise in time management. One Sunday morning when it wasn't pouring down rain or some other climate changing event I took them out to the range. SIG 220 with a .22 conversion upper, Ruger Bearcat and a Inland M1 carbine dated 6/44. Subject A shot fair with the Sig but had issues with the M1 when we found out she is cross eye dominant. Subject B didn't do as well with the pistol so I switched her to the Bearcat and concentrated on sight picture and trigger control. She did hit fairly well with the M1 though so I'm thinking I might work her up on a 20 Guage 1100. My hope is to get them both to an IDPA match to start working them into a shooting mindset. Also have picked out their pistol rigs for when that happens. Subject B is also a south paw while her sister A is right handed. Makes for interesting range drill. 4 Rules with given and reinforced and they had to recite them after clean up and prior to leaving the range. Q and A was conducted post action and they were happy with the session and wanted to know when we could go again.

1. The firearm is always loaded.

2. Keep your finger out of/off the trigger until you are prepared to fire.

3. Never point the firearm at anything you don't want to shoot or are not willing to pay for.

4. Always be sure of your target and beyond.

Small steps