Monday, April 8, 2024

The Forgotten

We had a call tonight. Transported a women who requested transport to a hospital as she was hearing voices. The residence was uninhabitable. She was covered in insects and had to be decontaminated prior to be treated in the Hospital. Older, no family, no local support. The rig was placed out of service and a backup crew called in to cover the crew while they got sorted out and cleaned up. Aging was notified and hopefully She will get placed somewhere she will receive care and not be ignored. We are getting more calls like this. 20 YO Male hitch hiked from New Mexico and we got called into the city for transport. He was refusing to go as he had a 3 month old puppy with him and was afraid if the police took the dog he would not get him back. City officer told Him they had a kennel at the station and the dog would be there when he got out of the hospital. Deconned at the hospital before being allowed in the ER. Partner checked the backpack the kid had and he had toys, treats and food for the puppy. No food for himself. There is a level of society which has slipped out of sight. They are unseen until they suffer a mental illness episode or Medical emergency and then We are called in to sort it out. In the city they are right out in the open, in the country they disappear, in some cases leave no trace. we are seeing it more and more with no good solutions. The Social NGO's under resourced and spread way too thin can't keep up. The muninicipal agencies are no better. The Cops, Firefighters and EMS groups are a band aid and frankly not the best response but seem to be the only ones dealing with the issue. And they are not the long term solution. I don't have an answer. Wish I did. But they are out there. And it is Tragic.

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