Friday, July 20, 2012


    Shoot IDPA in SSR and SSP with a 1911 thrown in for good measure.   IPSC when I'm in town an the schedule allows.   One weekend myself and one other guy in SSR.  Both L frames,  I'm in a Safariland duty rig and he's in kydex.   I was keeping up with him but really had to work at it.   Asked him at the end of the day what he was shooting for ammo.  He replied handloads which were one step above cowboy loads.  I blew my cork as I was firing full house Federal 125's.    Sumbitch wasn't even meeting power factor.   Seriously,  are you shooting this for fun or to train?   I look at trigger time as prep for the main event.   Proof of concept to see what works and what don't.    Don't be that guy and use every chance to get ready for the day. 

Now go shoot. 

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  1. Yeah, 'gamers' aren't about reality, even with guns... Sigh... I doubt they could even come 'close' to the same performance with real duty/self defense loads!