Friday, June 29, 2012

Rainbow bridge

The little guy is my Nephew.  The pup is Shadow.  He'd been having trouble keeping food down and they thought it was GERD.   Had his winter coat shaved and he looked like he lost weight.   he was throwing up frequently and my brother took him to the doc while I was at work.   Scott texted and told me he was in bad shape.   Seems they found a mass.  He is my brother's dog but I got him whenever they went out of town.   They took him to the doc while I was working.   Didn't want to extend the pain.   I was ready to punch walls.   He was a  good dog.    See ya Buddy.  

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  1. Thank you for the pic. I know how hard that was for you.

    Barkley just had his almost one year post cancer treatment check up. He's gained 13 pounds (he was scary skinny after the surgery), lymph nodes are good, a couple skin tags that will come off when they do his doggie dental work which will cost me more than a good 1911, but he's worth it.

    Shadow won't be forgotten.