Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sniper bunnies

From Breda, this one has potential. Dunno where the hell she found it. Nice transition on the handgun.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


New Show. On FX. Go see it, Check out Clips. That is all.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Navy Field Gun

Based upon The Royal Navy Landing guns from 2 of her Warships to support the Relief Expedition of Ladysmith during the Boer War. Bloody nuts the lot of 'em. Truly Magnificent.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Proof of Concept

I'm a Gunner, Have a few boom sticks and try to be proficient with them. Mostly Sigs and Smith so the Manual of Arms is pretty stock. Long Guns run to AR's, Mauser Bolt Guns and Remmie or Benelli Shotties. Here's the thing, We all talk about what we would reach for a given day but have you ever validated that choice? Nothing like a Brookings Institute White Paper but actually shot your choice of weapon.

Shot an IDPA Three gun match for grins and giggles but found out some stuff. Magpul P Mag doesn't like to seat with a full mag and a closed Bolt. OK, Need a little adaption there. Location of Magazines on person and WHAT type of pouches are you using. Some aren't worth the nylon and Velcro they are made of. Shoot a Match Sometime with your SHTF Stuff, See if it does what you thought it would do. Don't worry about Times, Score or Points down. SEE if your stuff works. There are Gamers out there that have all the gimmicks, don't fall into that hole. Keep it simple, Think out your kit and build it accordingly. Then Test it. Proof of Concept. Good Luck.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IDPA 3 Gun

Or Two Gun in my Case. Showed up late and they had fired the pistol portion in the morning. Got a chance to break in the 870 Police Magnum and the 5.56. Did fair, Happy with my splits with the pump. 6.6 Secs. Tried a Benelli M2 and did a flat 3.7 on 5 poppers. Took the 3 Second Penalty as I didn't seek cover for the last three. Didn't care. I was happy with that. I'm not as versed with the pump as I am with an auto. Gotta work harder with an 870 but it is worth the effort. YMMV. Practice.