Monday, December 28, 2009

Boxing day

Spent Christmas morning on the floor with the nephew putting together Lego fire trucks. Then got yanked out and told I have five minutes as we were going to St Francis to feed the needy. Mostly ones and twoses but the latinos came in clan sized groups. I was the door man. Lady gave out cards after they were checked in. Contained cash but not much. One of the Reg’s said in the line it was hundred bucks. I told him not likely. Didn’t need anyone wacked for a crummy 5 bucks. Then back to the house and made Guiness Stew. Lovely. Blessings all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

DC Snowball fight

OK, I wasn't there but Christ on a Crutch Ya don't throw down on kids and snowballs. Having done this once or twice when I was a wee barn, I/we pegged a State Police car way back when. Of course PA State Cars then had a very distinct profile. As soon as he slammed on his brakes we knew what/who he was and ran like deer. Thing was he didn't throw down on us, Would have got an ass-whipping for sure if he caught us but no shots fired. Think about that Officer friendly when you get called on the carpet to explain youself.

Friday, December 18, 2009


We've got a bonny one coming through. Calling for up to 2 (TWO) feet here in DC. The Prole are losing their minds. Me, I'll just wait until the morning and head upstate. Can't make the mini blogmeet in Indy, would have left today but for the snow. Still it weeds out the idiots. Stay safe all.