Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ok, Women can put their make up on, drive with their knees and carry on a conversation driving the Cross Bronx Expressway. And she is a FBI agent. Names are withheld to protect the innocent and the statue of Limitations hasn't expired. I'm in the right seat and I'm not supposed to drive as it's a Bureau Car. That's a load of bullocks but Ok it's your G ride.

Guys aren't supposed to be able to do all this. We focus on the task at hand and get it done. Lately that rule seems to be getting fuzzy. what with Black berry's, Electronic umbilical cords and the what not. I can at least work with this but when you break out the laptop and start texting, me and you are gonna talk.

I was running the interstate one day. We teach a trick called overtaking. You won't find it in the text book. F0lks running above the posted tend to look in their front 60 Degree arc. They don't look in the rearview mirror. I've caught some of my best speeds this way coming off a on ramp and dropping behind somebody going like the Hammers of Hell. Do that in a Construction zone and it gets expensive real fast. But they are focused at least, just not to the rear six position. Also important is to do it is a subtle way. Not crashing up the passing lane but just edging out, passing and then getting back into the middle or right lane. We run with headlights on but with the advent of Daylight running lights this doesn't reveal us as much as in the past.

Doing the drive by one day, I glance over and here is one of our Orthodox brethern doing his Friday thing with the scarf and beany at 70 miles per hour. I thought to myself, I did not just see that. To be sure, I drop back, light him up and get him over at the Twin Bridges. The book was on the passanger's seat but he still had his beany and scarf on. Asked for his papers and cleared him, Told him God would understand but I tend to be a little less forgiving. " Be on your way, Son and don't let me catch you doing that again. Next time I gonna write you."

Blessings on all here.