Friday, July 16, 2010

Open Carry

Throwing in my opin.

Here in PA it is LEGAL to Open Carry (OC). Don't mean its a good idea, just that it is legal to do so. Now just about everybody has weighed in on this. I don't have a whole lot to add but consider this. I was in Uniform for 22 years with State Cops. I wore a weapon everyday. I ALSO had it in a level three holster and had intermediate weapons at my disposal and a radio to ramp up the call if needed. Joe Citizen does not wear body armor, use a retention holster and carry a communications device and have access to back up 24/7. They are lucky if they keep their heads up and the threat radar on half the time.

Guys look. I am all for universal carry. I rather have you on my side then the other side. But I will say this. You never telegraph a punch, Give away an advantage or let the bad guy know who/what you are until you decide. To do so negates all of the benefits of carrying. Think about it. Now go shoot.


  1. Concur, concealed is CONCEALED... I only open carry in the field, and then I DO carry in a retention holster (spent HOURS cleaning one after it fell out of a holster into a swamp when I slipped).

  2. The only drawback to open carry is that EVERYONE needs to do it to be most effective. Otherwise, it probably IS best to stick to concealed carry, just to keep the bad guys guessing.