Monday, September 25, 2017

TDI Motor

  So I had the Jetta into the shop for the recall.  Almost 200K on the engine and running great.   The DAY after I get it home,  I am getting on the interstate and "Booof".   Loose all power,  no throttle response and I am a glider at this point.  Coast down to the next exit, get off and pull into the parking lot at the bottom of the ramp.  Call Triple A and get towed to my mech.   He finally gets to tear into it this am.  Pulls the hose off the inter cooler and oil pours out.  Best guess is the seals to the turbo took a powder and dumped oil into the air intake and drained down into the bottom of the inter cooler.


 No car payments for the last 5 years and now this.  Anybody have a low time 2.0 Diesel you wanna get rid of?


  1. If the engine did not lose oil pressure, it may still be good. Maybe. Sorta.
    If oil got on top of the pistons and when the piston reached TDC this condition might have damaged the valves, con-rods and bearings.
    Have to trust your mechanic for this. As tearing down the engine to check might run into the "not worth the money" to do.
    Ask the mechanic if re-manufactured turbo's / parts are available, these might make it cost effective to do the repairs.

    1. Wait and see. Will update when I get the Bad/good news.

  2. Ouch! Sorry, I'm no help out here...

  3. And She's back. Got a low time TDI motor and she seems to be doing OK. Have a trip to the Commonwealth of Kentucky next week and Oklahoma the following week. Should be a good shake down cruise. If it blows up, I'll leave it on the side of the road for the buzzards.