Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Health and Wellness

Seems me and Lawdog share some common health issues.

Have engaged the services of a Personal Trainer for the exercise portion of my personal pennance, I can honestly Say He is Cheerful, Motivating, and a very Competent trainer.

Can I say how much I hate him.

He has me on three different programs, Chest, Shoulders and arms, and Legs. I have no problem with the muscle part of it. He has added yoga and some Cardio program that takes from Insanity and other programs that equal up to a level of hell that rivals Dante's. To say I am sore the next day doesn't approach what I have felt the morning after. Runners talk about the high they get from it. I'm not buying it. My high left a long time ago. Having said all that I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Get out there and do it.

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