Friday, December 30, 2011


Got drafted to go to St Francis to serve Christmas dinner. #2 brother is coming up for New Years,I'm on call for the weekend. My haul for the season, got to spend the weekend with Mom, sent #3 brother some money for the Neices/Nephew. #2 brother's son is getting a trip to the Smithsonion Museum of Natural History to catch the 3D Dino movie.

Me, I got a SIG P210 Legend as my Grail Gun. Hope Yours went as well.


  1. Sweet. I got through PT today OK, have a bottle of The Balvenie my Knight in Shining Armor sent, and Barkley is asleep on the floor with this incredibly annoying squeeky toy.

    Big hug.

  2. Be safe out there, and Happy New Year Sir!

  3. Sounds like a great end of the year to me! my family and I did the soup kitchen service over the Thanksgiving weekend! Makes us feel really good! Happy New Year to you and have a great, prosperous 2012!