Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movement as a tactic

An Old retired Bull told me he carries three guns as a result of his decreasing mobility. His adage was the best gunfight he was in was the one he wasn't there for. Unfortunately as age creeps up on him, his ambulation has suffered. Ergo his options have declined as well. I imagine a person in a wheelchair really has no options except to fight. If they could strap a directional mine or a couple of bouncing betty's to their chair , I'd imagine they would.

Certainly as you take away the option of retreat or flight, the consequences you face become more dire. Location, timing, weather, health and who is with you all enter into the equation. I used to strap on when I dated this one girl who definitely was not a gunny. She asked me why I always carried a weapon. I told her I didn't always but I always carried when I was with her. I got a raised eyebrow with that. I told her if I was by myself I could always run like hell. With her present the flight option was removed. She kinda got that.

Remember, You don't have to outrun the bear, You just have to outrun the slowest one there.


  1. Good post, and yeah, trust me as we get older we DO slow down... sigh...

  2. One downside of my recent surgery is that I can no longer run -- the best I can do is a sort of skip/shuffle, and it doesn't last long.

    I plan to purchase a cane with a nice, heavy knob on the end, and then get trained in stick fighting. You Can't Have A Gun In Here, but nobody thinks twice about little woman with a pretty walking stick.