Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ben was a smart dude. Father was a Lawyer and expected him to do likewise. Ben went the other way. Jesuit University where he did the Pre-Law, Poly Sci gig and did fairly well. Ben became a cop. Did the local gig and then moved up to the State Police. Ben had the creds to be one of the Fed Alphabet agencies but Ben Wanted to be a Cop. Real Law Enforcement not Dept of Aggie chasing ladies trading in illegal roses. So Ben went through the Academy, Did his penance and did the three years away from home and then came back to his home troop. I worked the Patrol Side as a Supervisor and Ben did a tour there then moved back to the Crime Room. Ben was good, he was very Good. He has a visage like a Catholic Priest and all sorts of Bad Guys and Gals wanted to confess their sins to Ben. Remember Jesuit Uni?

One day we had a burglary. It occured at a halfway house in the county and the rock heads broke INTO the halfway house. Minor Point, usually the rock heads want to get out, it this case they wanted in, go figure. Forget who had the case but they stole Drugs (Halfway House?) and the house van. The van was recovered in Dover, DE and we figured the rock heads had wanted to go to the races. We banged on a lot of doors for that one and we got info a former guest ofthe halfway house was a part of the caper. We tracked his sister down in the city and talked to her. Didn't get a lot of info but we put the word out we wanted him. He and his one partner from the job show up at our door one night and said they wanted to give themselves up. Problem, the lead investigator was gone for some thing or another and we can't find the case file. Ben's the duty crime guy and I the night shift supervisor. I look at him and said "How do you want to play this?" Ben says let play dumb and see what these goofs give up. OK, I can do dumb. We bring the two knuckleheads back and rockhead #1 says "We want to give ourselves up." Ok, What to you want to give yourself up for? We really had nothing on them other then some street talk. We want to confess to the Halfway house Burglary. Goody, Great, Ben takes the one, I take the other and we get written statements from the both detailing how they got there, what they took and the name of the other guy(s) who were involved. Once we were done, We brought them both out in the patrol room and sit them on the bench. At this time they were advised they were under arrest and they were no longer free to go. The one guy piped up and asked "How did you know it was us?" The other one looked at him and said they didn't. Yup, Pretty much. But now we do. Charge sheet, Affadavit and both go the the Judge and get remanded. Dwight comes back on Monday and we had the statements, Charge sheet and a Supplemental for the interviews on his desk along with the Prints and Photos for booking. He said how'd you find them? I told him we didn't, they came and turned themselves in. You can go find the third guy. Here's his info. Ben said later he loved his job. Bad guys just want to get caught. Can't argue. Ben's a Crime Supervisor now. Probably make LT before he gets done. Good guy, Good Cop.

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  1. :-) He DID use everything at his disposal didn't he? LOL He's definitely in the good cop category for a number of reasons!!!