Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tech Support

Actual conversation

What would you do if the caller on the other end of the telephone line (with a indian accent) {and out of the blue} called and told you to go to your computer and that they were going to help you/me to fix my computer?

"Who are you?"
"What company do you work for?"
'Computer services'
"Why are you calling me?"
'I'm calling because I want to help you make you computer work faster'
"I don't need it to work faster, I want it to connect when I open my e-mail"
ring-ring Hall low?
"yes - who are you?"
'Enreeka - from HP computer services- we want to fix your computer so that it will work faster'
"I don't want it to work faster, I want it to connect when I dial up on my e-mail - How did you get this number? " "This is a do not call number,"
'We want to fix the XP program on your computer'
"I don't have XP- I have Vista- home premium and all I know that my machine turns itself on at 3 a.m. and downloads the updates. After that I can't get into my computer"
'It's 3 a.m. over there?'
"Where are you calling from?"
Remember the accent?
'New York City'

Yah no- if I was less of a ________(whatever- fill in the blank) had a buzz on and/or was more trusting I might have co-operated but and because I don't trust anyone and being true to form- I hung up.

True story. I am not computor literate but I am still a suspicious bastard.

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